Store Profile: Barca Sport Supply Store

March 1, 2010

Barca Sport Supply Store

Barca Sport Supply Store

Even though soccer would rank as one of the less popular sports throughout America, the recent performance by the U.S National team at the Confederations Cup in the summer has many American fans excited for what their team can do at the World Cup.

As many will remember, the U.S team started slowly during group play but exploded into top form in the knockout rounds with one of the biggest underdog victories in International football history when they beat Spain 2-0. In the final of the tournament, the Americans lost a hard fought game to International powerhouse Brazil, but left South Africa with considerably more respect as a soccer nation than when they arrived.
Landon Donovan celebrates the U.S win over Spain

The Confederations Cup is of course not as serious or competitive as the World Cup but it serves as a good measuring stick for countries that are unsure of how they match up against the World’s best team.

Now that the U.S team is fully qualified and ready to do battle in the big tournament that matters this summer, fans across America are grabbing their jerseys, hats and t-shirts to support their national team.

Enter Barca Sport Supply Store. Located between 90th and 91st on 1st Ave in New York City, this store has a nice strategic position between various popular sports bars, as well as the Asphalt Green Soccer fields at 90th and York, which is hugely popular in the area. The store plans on capitalizing on the soccer interest in the area during the World Cup time by overloading its store with International jerseys and merchandise that is almost guaranteed to sell rapidly. If the U.S team continues its Cinderella-like success on the big stage in South Africa, the Barca storeowners can expect a mass demand for U.S team jerseys.

This is exactly what the store is expecting as a sales associate told me, “The U.S jersey is being released in Mid-March, with the away jersey being released in early May. As soon as those become available, we’ll be stocking up on them big time.”

Barca Sport Supply Main Floor

Barca Sport Supply Store

For those at the Barca sport supply store, the World Cup means big increases in sales and popularity, something that the U.S national team can aid by keeping up their winning ways.


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