End of an Era? David Beckham’s Career in Doubt

March 17, 2010

In the dying moments of Sunday’s Serie A match between A.C Milan and Chievo Verona, David Beckham’s quest to play in the World Cup was shattered. Beckham, who has famously played nearly year round for the L.A Galaxy in the MLS and A.C Milan in the Serie A, stepped awkwardly backwards onto his left heel and completely tore his Achilles tendon. The magnitude of the injury is huge, and the recovery period is said to be six months at least, almost certainly ruling Beckham out for the World Cup in June.

David Beckham

A massive outpouring of support has been offered to Beckham who was visibly distressed on the field and was reportedly ‘destroyed’ in the dressing room afterwards. As most involved in the soccer world know, the 34-year old midfielder plays for Milan during the MLS off-season in order to continually be picked for the England national team. England manager Fabio Capello only selects players that are fit and healthy, therefore Beckham needs to play almost year-round to keep his England chances alive.

Arguably the world’s most recognizable player, Beckham has an enormous fan base and this certainly is a sad time for those who hoped to see the Englishmen play this summer. Here, in the United States, the MLS and L.A Galaxy officials must be under considerable stress over Beckham’s current state due to his status as poster boy for the American league. An unquestioned talent on the field, Beckham also brings his international celebrity to the MLS which in turn attracts fans to games and he significantly increases merchandise sales. His absence from the forthcoming MLS season will be missed greatly. Fans in New York City had a heartfelt response to Beckham’s injury as most respect what he’s done as a player and for the game.

Joe Brogan, a High School teacher in Manhattan said, “It’s sad that Becks will miss what will be his last World Cup. He’s been a top player and hope he makes a full recovery. England has a deep squad though so they probably won’t miss his skill too much; the depth of his experience though means they will definitely be lacking in that department.”

Philip, a Newcastle and England fan added, “I feel sorry for the big lad Beckham. For all the digs he gets from
the media for being all Hollywood and pining for fame, he really does put the hard yards in during the season and you never hear of him out on the town unless he has a day off. As for the world cup, its a shame. Although he may have not played a whole lot, his experience and impact off the bench would have been helpful. However, we have James Milner, Aaron Lennon, Ashley young and so on, so all is not lost.”

It’s clear that many fans appreciate Beckham as both a person and footballer, and feel genuine sympathy for his injury.

Here is Beckham’s best, possibly for the last time.


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