Manhattan’s Top Soccer Bars: Nevada Smiths

March 17, 2010

New York City contains one of the most diverse ethnic populations in the world living in a dense urban environment alongside each other. This is part of the allure of New York, and one can experience the ethnic diversity of the soccer population by attending one of the many sports bars in the city. Coming in unanimously at number one is the legendary Nevada Smiths.

Nevada Smiths

1) Nevada Smith’s 74th Third Avenue between 11th and 12th streets, near Union Square 14th Street MTA Station

With over 100 live matches per week thousands of Football Fans streaming through the doors many from far away places drawn to the location through TV print media or Internet reports. It is as Britain’s leading Football publication Four Four Two put it “in a league of it’s own”. Raw and passionate and with it’s unique dedication to Football unequalled in the Continental US.

The enthusiastic crowd inside Nevadas

A legendary night spot, Nevada Smiths continues to draw the crowds. While famous world wide for its football, the Bar is an East Village and indeed New York City legend, drawing customers from all over the Tri-State area. Before the East Village became the trendy neighborhood that it now is, Nevada Smiths was serving fine beers and cocktails. So whether you are coming for the top notch football coverage or the great nightlife you will find it all at Nevada Smiths. (Source: http://www.nevadasmiths.net )

Donal Neligen, an Aston Villa and Ireland supporter said, “Nevada’s comes first no other comes close simply cause no other bar caters to so many different supporters groups.”

Donal is exactly on point with this statement. Nevada Smiths does a tremendous job in making fans from all different teams and leagues feel comfortable at their bar. It plays over 100 matches a week and will offer fans of every team an experience that they can enjoy.


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